WG 8 – Nuclear Fusion

Chairperson: Mr Karoly Tamas Olajos, (karoly.olajos@f4e.europa.eu),

Co-Secretary: Mr Philipp Sauter (sauterp@mpil.de),

Co-Secretary: Mr Manuel Torres (mtorresbalao@gmail.com).

Blurb_Fusion for Energy_Summer Workshop

AIDN-INLA Working Group on Nuclear Fusion – Terms of Reference

Scope of Activities:

Our activities are centered on the legal, regulatory and policy aspects of nuclear fusion. In order to secure long-term political support, investment and international collaboration that nuclear fusion’s worldwide commercialization will require, we will work and consult with stakeholders in the fusion arena on a viable proposal for the international regulation of nuclear fusion, pursuing forward-looking, ex ante regulation compared to the reactive, ex post regulation of fission.


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