WG 7 – Transport

Chairperson: Mr. Khalil Bukhari (Khalil.Bukhari@ntsglobal.uk).

Secretary: Mr. Jean Denis Treillard (jean-denis.treillard@elini.net).


  • Purpose & aims: Bring together participants from variety of backgrounds linked to transport industry (legal, insurance, regulators, trade bodies, govt) to highlight, analyse and advise on/provide practical solutions to legal & related issues affecting the industry (e.g. salvage insurance gap, denial of shipments, residual liability outside of scope of nuclear conventions etc.)
  • Alignment: The Chair to work to ensure work of WG7 is aligned with other international organisations having a focus on nuclear transports (WNTI, NEA, IAEA, WPNLT, BIMCO, WNA)
  • Common Transport Terms: The WG7 to review transport terms with intention of producing a paper recommending a model set of terms to be used as a common basis for global nuclear transport contracts – currently there is a lack of clear understanding in the transport industry as to what is required in contracts to address nuclear specific liability and insurance coverage issues
  • Endorsement/Approval: WG7 to examine possibility of having such terms endorsed/approval by relevant bodies (e.g. INLA, WNTI, NEA, IAEA, WPNLT, BIMCO, WNA) that would provide the transport industry the confidence and assurance to make use of such model terms.
  • Future papers: WG7 to promote industry discussion and cooperation to develop written papers highlighting relevant issues with potential solutions & “food for thought”.


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