WG 6 – Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation

Chairperson: Mrs Sonia Drobysz (inla.wg6@gmail.com)

Co-Secretary: Mr Sylvain Fanielle (s.fanielle@gmail.com),

Co-Secretary: Mr Jonathan Herbach (jonherbach@hotmail.com).

Download revised Terms of Reference for the WGNS

Working Group on Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation (WG NSNP) – Scope of Activities:

For the purpose of its activities, the WG NSNP considers:

● Nuclear security as the prevention of, detection of, and response to, criminal or intentional unauthorized acts involving or directed at nuclear material, other radioactive material, associated facilities, or associated activities.

● Nuclear non-proliferation as the prevention of the spread of nuclear weapons and related technology. Nuclear non-proliferation includes related verification activities such as nuclear safeguards.

In addition, the WG NSNP looks into synergies between nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear security but also explores topics that are specific to the two areas.

Objectives of the WGNS:

The WGNS will seek to:

  • enhance the knowledge of members of the Association concerning issues arising from the legal aspects of nuclear security,
  • develop information and analysis concerning legal issues in the nuclear security field, including possible ways to enhance the international and national legal frameworks for dealing with threats to nuclear security.


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