WG 5 – Waste Management

Chairperson: Ms. Nuria Prieto Serrano (nprs@enresa.es),

Co-Secretary: Mr. Benjamin Maquestieau (b.maquestieau@nirond.be).

Co-Secretary: Ms. Alexandra van Kalleveen (Alexandra.VAN-KALLEVEEN@ec.europa.eu).

Scope of Activities:

Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste in a wide sense:

  • safety,
  • sustainability, responsibility towards future generations,
  • public information and participation (in particular in the site selection for repositories),
  • financing,
  • ethical and environmental concerns,
  • particular situations: legacy waste, NORM etc. (if so requested by the group).

Membership information:

The members come from different areas: waste management organizations, regulators, Government, private consultants, academic. The WG is conceived as a place for free interchange of views and experiences among the different areas and countries. The topics for study and discussion are selected following the proposals of the group members.

We encourage the active participation in the group. We welcome nuclear lawyers and also professionals with technical background showing interest for nuclear law.

Our LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12067965


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