WG 4 – Radiological Protection

Chairperson: Mr. Mark Sanders (mark@sandersengineering.us),


Call for membership in the WG no. 4 – radiation protection

Scope of Activities:

As the protection of people against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation is the central objective in dealing with nuclear substances nuclear law must ensure that appropriate regulation on radiation protection is in place. Therefore, although radiation protection is a question of physics in the first place radiation protection law has to play its role in our association.

Radiation protection refers to a broad range of applications and/or fields. Radiation protection is needed e.g. in the nuclear and non-nuclear industry, in the medical as well as in the research oriented field, and is also needed in places where higher concentration of radioactivity naturally occurs like in radon prone areas. Hence, radiation protection covers the protection of people, patients and workers.

This variety of important issues have to be accompanied by a legal framework addressing inter alia public health, labour and environmental law questions. This rich legal framework forms the field of activity for Working Group No 4 on the national, European and international level.

After several years of low interest within the AIDN/INLA community Working Group  No 4 had a restart some years ago. We try to meet on the occasion of the international AIDN/INLA congresses. Meetings of the Board of Management together with chairpersons of the Working groups have also proved to be a convenient way to meet as a working group. In future the interesting topics will hopefully attract more radiation protection „aficionados“ amongst the nuclear lawyers of AIDN/INLA.


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