WG 3 – International Nuclear Trade and New Build

Secretary: Mrs. Vanessa Jakovich (vanessa.jakovich@freshfields.com)


The objectives of INLA Working Group 3 are to enhance the knowledge of, and provide a forum for discussion and analyses among, members of INLA on the topics of international nuclear trade and nuclear new build projects, including (among others) issues related to programme and project development, finance, contracting, regulation, export and import controls, risk assessment and risk management, human resource development, and operational readiness.

Scope of activities:

The focus of INLA’s Working Group 3 is international nuclear trade and nuclear new build in both new entrant and established programmes. The group evaluates project experience and industry trends, assesses key obstacles and risks facing participants in such projects, and develops new lines of legal scholarship to address the increasingly complex risk matrix characteristic of the global nuclear new build programme.

Specifically, the focus of INLA’s Working Group for the next year shall be:

  • The implications of industry developments (vendor failures and project experience) for project and enterprise risk management;
  • The financial and human resource requirements for new build projects;
  • Alternative contracting models;
  • Power sales and market risk mitigation; and
  • SMR development and licensing.

Membership information:

Membership is open to any INLA member and we try to hold our membership meetings quarterly, both face-to-face or by telephone/video conference.

Each member of INLA’s Working Group 3 is encouraged to join a subgroup focused on the topics above and work with the group to prepare reports for the 2018 INLA Congress.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the group, please contact Magda Hanebach (magda.hanebach@gowlingwlg.com) and Vanessa Jakovich (vanessa.jakovich@freshfields.com).


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