Working Groups

Members of INLA are encouraged to participate in any of the specialised Working Groups within which they can pursue the study of topics of mutual interest and contribute to the preparation of collective reports to the next biennial congress.

Working Group 1 – Safety and Regulation

Chairperson: Mr. Ian Salter (,
Secretary: Mr. Lukasz Mlynarkiewicz (

Working Group 2 – Nuclear Liability and Insurance

Co-Chairperson: Mr. William Horin (,

  • for the North American Region,

Co-Chairperson: Ms Ximena Vásquez-Maignan (,

  • for the “rest of the world”,

Secretary: Mrs Fiona Geoffroy (

Working Group 3 – International nuclear trade / New Build

Secretary: Mrs. Vanessa Jakovich (

Working Group 4 – Radiological protection

Chairperson: Mr. Mark Sanders (,

Call for membership in the WG no. 4 – radiation protection

Working Group 5 – Waste management

Chairperson: Ms. Nuria Prieto Serrano (,
Secretary: Ms. Alexandra van Kalleveen (

Working Group 6 – Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation

Chairperson: Mrs Sonia Drobysz (,
Co-Secretary: Mr Sylvain Fanielle (,
Co-Secretary: Mr Jonathan Herbach (

Working Group 7 – Transport

Chairperson: Mr. Khalil Bukhari (,
Secretary: Mr. Jean Denis Treillard (

Working Group 8 – Nuclear Fusion

Co-Chairperson: Mr. Karoly Tamas Olajos, (

  • for Europe and the Rest of the World

Co-Chairperson: Mr. William E. Fork, (

  • for the North American Region

AIDN-INLA Working Group on Nuclear Fusion – Terms of Reference


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