The Spanish Association of Nuclear Law (SANL)

March 27, 2016

New domestic INLA chapters: The Spanish Association of Nuclear Law (SANL) has been constituted during the second half of 2015!

SANL is created under Spanish law with the aim, inter alia, of promoting the study of nuclear law, disseminating knowledge in this area and collaborating with the activities of other institutions and fora. To achieve these aims, the association intends to conduct conferences, courses and other educational activities.

Professor Santiago Bello Paredes, Vice-rector of the University of Burgos, is the President of SANL, having its address in the Faculty of Law. Its Secretary is Ms Nuria Prieto Serrano and Mr Julián Gómez del Campo has been appointed as Treasurer.

One of the first activities carried out by the SANL has been the celebration of a workshop commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Spanish Nuclear Energy Act. The workshop was held at the headquarters of the Nuclear Safety Regulator Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, and it benefitted from the participation of former and current high officials, including from the Consejo (Isabel Mellado, Agustín Alonso, Antonio Morales); the Spanish Ministry of Industry (José Manuel Redondo); apart from representatives from the University (Santiago Bello) as well as from the NEA, OECD.

We wish SANL the very best with all its future activities!

For more information, please contact Ms. Nuria Prieto Serrano ( – Secretary of SANL.

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