The Law of Nuclear Energy – the new title

April 14, 2014

The Law of Nuclear Energy” is designed to give an all-inclusive overview of the subject. In her book, Mrs. Helen Cook – the member of INLA – considers current and future trends and developments in the nuclear energy law.

10-scThis new title:

  • Examines the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines,
  • Covers the content of international and national nuclear energy law and gives insight into possible future development to existing legislative and regulatory infrastructure,
  • Discusses how to implement the obligations contained in the international treaties and conventions at a national level,
  • Examines cross-border issues such as nuclear liability and export controls,
  • Covers the procurement phase for nuclear construction,
  • Describes the construction process and key contractual provisions, including licensing and permitting, dispute management and avoidance,
  • Discusses small modular nuclear reactors, including the potential benefits and legal challenges,
  • Considers traditional and new approaches to nuclear financing,
  • Considers future issues in nuclear law, including in response to new nuclear technologies and the Fukushima accident.

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