Save the date: Nuclear Inter Jura 2016 – New Delhi, 7-11 November, 2016

April 23, 2015

Save the date and mark your calendars for the 22nd Nuclear Inter Jura Congress, which will be held from 7-11 November, 2016 in New Delhi, India. Make sure you won’t miss it!

Els ReynaersThe Nuclear Law Association of India (NLAI) is thrilled to host the XXII Congress in 2016 in New Delhi, building on the long lineage of INLA congresses started in Karlsruhe in 1973. It being the first Congress in the South Asian region, we will strive to offer a platform that reflects topical issues of relevance to this region along with its global repercussions, and put together a program which addresses contemporary issues of interest to all INLA members.

India GateImportantly, it will be NLAI’s endavour to live up to the old Sanskrit proverb “Atithi Devo Bhava” (an ideal person should try to “treat the Guest as God”) which is culturally strongly imbibed by all people in India. It is, indeed, our aim to ensure that your experience in India will be memorable!

Save the date: Monday 7 – Friday 11 November, 2016, New Delhi.

We will provide you more details after the next INLA Board of Management meeting on 28 September, 2015, in Nürnberg. We expect to circulate the first formal announcement and call for papers soon after.

Els Reynaers Kini

President of INLA for 2015-2016

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