Nuclear Inter Jura ’22 Congress – Washington, DC

December 28, 2022

The INLA 2022 Congress was organized around each of the INLA Working Groups’ topics of interest, examining the multitude of legal and regulatory issues presented in 2022, the 50th Anniversary of INLA, as nuclear power moves rapidly into new and emerging arenas in support of global “no-carbon” initiatives. Such initiatives will accompany the next 50 years of nuclear development and continued INLA participation in the same. The materials provided are separated into the two live proceedings held jointly in Washington, DC, following the easing of global pandemic travel restrictions (INLA and Co-Sponsor United States Nuclear Energy Institute), and then separate proceedings for the written submissions not presented live at the Congress. The Nuclear Energy Institute Legal Advisory Committee live presentation materials are presented in a separate file below. (Additional written submissions to INLA will be posted shortly.).


 INLA 2022 Nuclear Inter Jura Live Congress – Final Agenda  INLA 2022 Nuclear Inter Jura Congress – Live INLA Presentations INLA 2022 Nuclear Inter Jura Congress – Live NEI Legal Advisory Committee Presentations Print E-mail


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