Nuclear Liability in Southeast Asia – a research paper

July 23, 2014

Nuclear Liability: A Key Component of the Public Policy Decision to Deploy Nuclear Energy in Southeast Asia” is a research paper authored by Mr. Mohit Abraham and published by American Academy of Arts and Sciences. It is now available online!

10-scThe publiaction is available on the website of American Academy of Arts and Sciences:

The paper provides an analysis of nuclear liability, with a focus on the countries of Southeast Asia.

As  stated in the Prologue of the publication, this paper tackles a complex issue of nuclear liability by focusing on the most significant issues:

  1. “The tension among nuclear suppliers, nuclear operators, and the host and neighboring states in sharing the cost of liability.
  2. The continual debate regarding the sufficiency and availability of funds to meet potential compensation demands in case of an accident (…).
  3. Altering the balance in this area of nuclear liability law jurisprudence by identifying the nuclear supplier as the responsible party in case of an accident (…).
  4. Reliance by a growing number of nuclear aspirants on foreign technology and expertise, including safety oversight (…).
  5. Unavailability of a universal framework regarding the liability conventions across all states (…)”.

Moreover, it addresses several important questions regarding issues such as: nuclear liability regimes, nuclear compensatory standards, influences of key stakeholders on future trends and their role in encouraging a uniform and strict liability regime. The paper analyses also other substantive non-nuclear models (such as the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund) and their usefulness in assessing the size of the financial risk pool to pay for compensation in the event of an accident.

Contributors to the publication:

  • Mohit Abraham – Partner at PXV Law Partners and Advocate-on-Record of the Supreme Court of India. He is on the Governing Board of the Nuclear Law Association of India and also chairs its working group on nuclear liability.
  • Stephen M. Goldberg – former Senior Consultant to the American Academy’s Global Nuclear Future Initiative
  • Robert Rosner – Senior Advisor to the American Academy’s Global Nuclear Future Initiative; William E. Wrather Distinguished Service Professor in the Departments of Astronomy and Astrophysics and Physics, University of Chicago
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