Nuclear Law in the EU and Beyond – proceedings

March 5, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings from the 13th Regional Conference of the German Branch of AIDN/INLA “Nuclear Law in the EU and Beyond – Nuclear Safety, New Build and Phase-out” – held in Leipzig (Germany) in June 2013 – have now been published.

10-sc“Nuclear Law in the EU and Beyond” (Atomrecht in Deutschland, der EU und Weltweit) has been published by “Nomos Verlag” and edited by RA Dr. Christian Raetzke – the chairman of the German Branch of AIDN/INLA.

In this volume German and international experts explain the most recent developments in nuclear law in the EU, in Germany and worldwide. The topics include nuclear safety, nuclear liability, nuclear new build and phase-out legislation. Current EU legislation projects, particularly concerning nuclear safety, are explained and their impact is analysed. Worldwide developments are discussed, such as the quest for a global nuclear liability regime. Fitting to the international character of the conference, the language of all papers, including those from German authors, is English, with the exception of four papers dealing with issues of German nuclear law. For everyone who wants to keep up-to-date on important developments of nuclear law, this volume is an obvious choice. (source: excerpt from a flyer)

Featuring contributions by:
D. Davies, R. Dussart-Desart, E. Ercan, D. Erni, P. Faross, Th. Fetzer, J. Grunwald, D. Harbrücker, K. Kawasaki, W. Kilb, S. Kochanski, B. Kolesnik, A. Matveev, M. Micklinghoff, C. Moench, T. Nowacki, M. Palm, N. Pelzer, M. Pfaff, R. Ptasekaite, I. Salter, H. Schneider, R. Tscherning, A. Vorwerk and A. Woitecki.

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