Nuclear law in progress – Buenos Aires proceedings

December 29, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings and all other papers from the XXI AIDN / INLA Congress “Nuclear law in progress” – held in Buenos Aires from 20 to 23 October 2014 are now available online!

10-sc“Nuclear law in progress” (Derecho nuclear en evolución) has been published by “Legis Argentina” and edited by Prof. Dr. Rafael Mariano Manóvil – the President of AIDN/INLA.

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Presentations from the Congress are available on the website of Asociación Argentina de Derecho Nuclear.

Table of contents – “Nuclear law in progress”

General Session:

  • Abel Gonzalez, Imputability of Health Effects to Low-dose Radiation Exposure Situations
  • Peri L. Johnson, Opening Address: Developments in Nuclear Law
  • Diva E. Puig, Seguridad nuclear en Latinoamérica. El rol del derecho nuclear. Uno propuesta
  • Guilhermina Lavos Coimbra, El potencial nuclear para usos pacíficos de Brasil. La defensa de la política de participación
  • Chun-Sheng Chen, Establishment of an east asian nuclear safety and liability regime
  • Kyoji Kawasaki, Challenges and Prospects for the Nuclear Safety and Liability Regimes in Japan after Fukushima

Radioactive Sources:

  • Sara Maciel Sánchez, The mexican case of a stolen radioactive sources during December 2013. The actions to be taken in and beyond national borders and the demand of the situation
  • Ivonne María Alonso González & Alma Arnau Fernández, Authorization of practices and activities involved with the use of radioactive sources, cuban regulatory body experience

Safety and Licensing

  • Tobias Heldt, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its relevance for the nuclear sector
  • Anoeska Buijze, Tijn Kortmann & Caroline Verwijs, Transparency and Nuclear Law: An Instrumental Perspective
  • Rasa Ptasekaite, Continous improvement of nuclear safety and nuclear safety culture: concepts and interaction
  • L. Kueny & E. Durand-Poudret, La gouvernance internationale de la surete nucleaire: quelle remise en cause apres Fukushima?
  • Jacques Lavoie, The constitutional duty to consult aboriginal peoples in Canada
  • Daniela Stölzgen, Nuclear Phase Out and Operator’s Rights. The German Example
  • Judit Silye, EU initiatives following Fukushima nuclear accident: amending the nuclear safety directive and establishing the “EU Liability Regime”
  • Fotuné Ahoulouma & Laure Chapotet, La convention sur la surete nucleaire: une convention cadre? The convention on nuclear safety: a framework convention?

Radioactive Waste Management

  • Laurence Chabanne-Pouzynin, Les déchets radioactifs: Enjeux et débats
  • Nuria Prieto Serrano, The nuclear waste directive: contents and some reflections on its peer-review mechanism
  • Stanley David Berger, Lessons learned from 2013-2014 Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) Proceedings in Kincardine, Canada
  • Gunther Kühne, The german paths towards a final nuclear waste repository
  • Tomas Löfgren, Legal and procedural challenges in reviewing the application for a final repository for spent fuel in Sweden
  • Marc Beyens & Godelieve Vandeputte, Providing for decommissioning funds: minimum conditions for adequate funding and comparative analysis
  • Sergey Savin, Leonid Sukhanov & Andrey Kuznetsov, Regulatory framework and licensing of nuclear site decommission and waste management in Russia

Radiation Protection

  • Abel J. González, Towards a Convention on Radiation Safety and Security
  • Gustavo Massera, On the use of International Standards Guidelines Values for radionuclide concentrations in food and drinking water contaminated as result of a nuclear or radiological accident
  • Ricardo S. Osores Balettute, New law on Radiation Protection and Radiation Safety, of People, Properties and Environment. Uruguay 2014
  • Anne-Lise Teani, The revision of the Euratom basic safety standards directive

Global New Build Mission in Progress

  • Graham Alty, Effective Contracting Mechanisms for Nuclear New Build
  • Aihong Wu & Wei Liu, A study of legal issues relating to public acceptance of nuclear power

Nuclear Transport

  • Odette Jankowitsch, Law and practice of international nuclear transport

Security & Non-Proliferation

  • Carlton Stoiber, Recent developments in nuclear security law
  • Peri Lynne Johnson, Facilitating the entry into force and implementation of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material: observations, challenges and benefits
  • Sonia Drobysz, A new legal tool for States: the National Legislation Implementation Kit on Nuclear Security
  • Vanda Lamm, New nuclear cases at the Hague Court
  • Luc Sintat Mpouma, Les fondements juridiques de la non proliferation des armes nucleaires et son influence sur la gouvernance mondiale

Nuclear Liability & Insurance

  • Stephen G. Burns & Ximena Vásquez-Maignan, Progress towards a Global Nuclear Liability Regime
  • Pierre Charreton, Towards a necessary optimization of the nuclear liability regimes
  • Marc Beyens, The EU tentative to harmonise nuclear liability among the EU member states
  • Jakub Handrlica, The Protocol of 1997 to Amend the Vienna Convention on civil liability for nuclear damage: a chance for strengthening the libaility framework in Europe
  • Vaibhav Saxena, Nuclear liability. New dimensions and emerging trends
  • Dave McCauley & Jacques Hénault, Strengthening Canada’s nuclear liability regime
  • Mark Tetley, Nuclear insurance: yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Mikhail N. Lysenko & Andrey A. Shkarbanov, Problems and Prospects for a Global Nuclear Liability Regime
  • Sang Won Kim, Recent Development in Nuclear Liability Schemes in Korea
  • Andrey Shlyakhtov, Allocation of Nuclear Civil Liability During Transportation of Nuclear Materials under Different Legal Regimes
  • Evelyne M. Ameye, US and India – two Nuclear States with Legislation that truly holds Responsible Parties Liable of a Nuclear Accident – should have no reason to disagree
  • Herkus Gabartas, The challenges for co-existence and harmonization of different nuclear liability regimes in the European Union
  • Aishwarya Saxena, The challenges for co-existence and harmonization of different nuclear liability regimes in the European Union

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