Nuclear Energy and Liability in South Asia – M.P. Ram Mohan

April 23, 2015

The publication Nuclear Energy and Liability in South Asia – Institutions, Legal Frameworks and Risk Assessment within SAARC, by Dr. M.P. Ram Mohan, Assoc. Professor, TERI University, New Delhi; Chairman of the Nuclear Law Association, India; and former INLA Board Member, has been released by Springer.

10-scThe book advocates pursuing a regional approach to nuclear risk framework, which it argues is more promising in the current scenario than the non-achievable global regime. In the development of international legislation on liability, the nuclear energy sector represents an alternative approach to a transboundary liability regime.

Building on this foundation and following the Chernobyl accident, international consensus was sought for a stronger transboundary legal regime in the event of a nuclear disaster. However, after sixty years of the existence of international nuclear liability laws and twenty-five years after Chernobyl, the primary objectives of the Conventions – harmonization and a global regimeremain unfulfilled.

Further, many countries are now creating or expanding nuclear programs without adequate transboundary legal protection. In light of these issues, a regional approach is an option that cannot be ignored. Given its rapidly expanding nuclear energy footprint, South Asia is in a unique position to adopt a regional mechanism.

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