Membership Fees

The activities of the Association are supported by its members through dues, donations or other financial contributions whose acceptance shall be subject to a decision by the Board of Management. Click here to see more about membership benefits for INLA members!

2023 Membership fees

The membership fee shall be paid by 30 April of each year. Fees already paid are not transferable to other individuals.

Members receive more detailed information regarding membership fees after being admitted to the Association.

Below are membership fees for the calendar year 2023:

Membership fees for 2023 General

Add €10 for residents outside the EURO zone

(n/a to PayPal payment)


€ 100 € 110

Student Membership fee

€ 20 € 30

PayPal payments

Now you can pay for your membership fee with PayPal !

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Membership questions?

  • Bernadette Keymolen – Administrative Secretary of INLA


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