Local Sections

The International Nuclear Law Association is supported by national or regional sections of INLA, which help to stay active and involved worldwide by providing a forum for networking and collaboration in respect of nuclear law issues. The list of local sections, as well as a brief overview are presented below.

Argentine Association of Nuclear Law

Asociación Argentina de Derecho Nuclear

Brussels Nuclear Law Association (BNLA)

  • Mrs. Maria Laguna

    • INLA Nuclear Inter Jura 2007 in Brussels (proceedings published by Editions Bruylant),
    • Workshop on Prospects of a civil nuclear liability regime In the Framework of the European Union, co-organised with the EUropean Commission and hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee on 17 and 18 June 2010 (proceedings published by Editions Bruylant),
    • Workshop on Taking nu clear third party liability into the futer : Fair compensation for citizens and level playing field for operators, co-organised with the European Commission on 20 and 21 January 2014 (proceedings to be published),
    • Conférence „Le coût de la filière Nucléaire en France – Rapport „Energies 2050” – Quel avenir pour le Nucléaire en France” par M. Jacques Percebois, Professeur à l’Université Montpellier I, Président de la Commission „Energies 2050” à l’occasion de L’Assemblée générale de BNLA du 21 Juin 2012,
    • Conférence „La place de l’expertise scientifique dans la décision politique” prononcée par M. Yves Bréchet, Membre de l’Académie des Sciences , Haut commissaire à l’énergie atomique (France) à l’occasion de l’Assemblée générale de BNLA du 20 juin 2013.
    • BNLA Conference on Small Modular Reactors – 22 September 2023

Canadian Nuclear Law Organization (CNLO)

French Section of the International Nuclear Law Association

Section française de l’Association international de droit nucléaire

German Branch of AIDN/INLA

Deutsche Landesgruppe der AIDN/INLA e.V.

INLA (Manchester) Limited

International Nuclear Law Association in Finland

KYLYS – founded in 1987

Nuclear Law Association India (NLAIN)

  • Mr. Dr. M.P. Ram Mohan

  • Mrs. Els Reynaers

    • Annual Meets (2012, 2013 and 2014),
    • publication of proceedings of Annual Meets,
    • 2-day workshops at law faculties across India for LL.M. students,
    • Moot court competition and essay competitions on nuclear law,
    • one-week Winter Course on nuclear law,
    • Joint Meeting hosted by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in partnership with Nuclear Law Association and TERI University (July, 2015),
    • blogs and news updates on its website.

Nuclear Law Association Turkey

Uluslararası Nükleer Hukuk Derneği

  • Ms. Abide GULEL

    • Joint Meeting of Nuclear Law Association Working Group 1-5 (April, 2016),
    • Working Group Works,
    • Local publications on Nuclear Law updates.

Spanish Nuclear Law Association

  • Ms Evelyne Ameye

  • none
    • Prior to 2019: annual Spanish branch meetings, including a visit to El Cabril  (Spanish disposal facility for very low, low and intermediate level radioactive waste close to Córdoba) with WG1 and WG5 of INLA.
    • 8 February 2019: meeting of the Spanish branch of INLA in MVA Abogados
    • 18 October 2019: meeting of the Spanish branch of INLA in ENRESA
    • 4 February 2021: virtual meeting of the Spanish branch of INLA
    • 28 September 2022: virtual meeting of the Spanish branch of INLA
    • 14 March 2023: meeting of the INLA Spanish Section – Nuclear Law Congress – Madrid


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