Local Sections

The International Nuclear Law Association is supported by national or regional sections of INLA, which help to stay active and involved worldwide by providing a forum for networking and collaboration in respect of nuclear law issues. The list of local sections, as well as a brief overview are presented below.

Argentine Association of Nuclear Law

Asociación Argentina de Derecho Nuclear

Brussels Nuclear Law Association (BNLA)

  • Mrs. Maria Laguna

    • INLA Nuclear Inter Jura 2007 in Brussels (proceedings published by Editions Bruylant),
    • Workshop on Prospects of a civil nuclear liability regime In the Framework of the European Union, co-organised with the EUropean Commission and hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee on 17 and 18 June 2010 (proceedings published by Editions Bruylant),
    • Workshop on Taking nu clear third party liability into the futer : Fair compensation for citizens and level playing field for operators, co-organised with the European Commission on 20 and 21 January 2014 (proceedings to be published),
    • Conférence „Le coût de la filière Nucléaire en France – Rapport „Energies 2050” – Quel avenir pour le Nucléaire en France” par M. Jacques Percebois, Professeur à l’Université Montpellier I, Président de la Commission „Energies 2050” à l’occasion de L’Assemblée générale de BNLA du 21 Juin 2012,
    • Conférence „La place de l’expertise scientifique dans la décision politique” prononcée par M. Yves Bréchet, Membre de l’Académie des Sciences , Haut commissaire à l’énergie atomique (France) à l’occasion de l’Assemblée générale de BNLA du 20 juin 2013.

Canadian Nuclear Law Organization (CNLO)

French Section of the International Nuclear Law Association

Section française de l’Association international de droit nucléaire

German Branch of AIDN/INLA

Deutsche Landesgruppe der AIDN/INLA e.V.

INLA (Manchester) Limited

International Nuclear Law Association in Finland

KYLYS – founded in 1987

Nuclear Law Association India (NLAIN)

  • Mr. Dr. M.P. Ram Mohan

  • Mrs. Els Reynaers

    • Annual Meets (2012, 2013 and 2014),
    • publication of proceedings of Annual Meets,
    • 2-day workshops at law faculties across India for LL.M. students,
    • Moot court competition and essay competitions on nuclear law,
    • one-week Winter Course on nuclear law,
    • Joint Meeting hosted by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in partnership with Nuclear Law Association and TERI University (July, 2015),
    • blogs and news updates on its website.

Nuclear Law Association Turkey

Uluslararası Nükleer Hukuk Derneği

  • Ms. Abide GULEL

    • Joint Meeting of Nuclear Law Association Working Group 1-5 (April, 2016),
    • Working Group Works,
    • Local publications on Nuclear Law updates.

Spanish Nuclear Law Association

  • Ms Evelyne Ameye

  • none
    • Prior to 2019: annual Spanish branch meetings, including a visit to El Cabril  (Spanish disposal facility for very low, low and intermediate level radioactive waste close to Córdoba) with WG1 and WG5 of INLA.
    • 8 February 2019: meeting of the Spanish branch of INLA in MVA Abogados
    • 18 October 2019: meeting of the Spanish branch of INLA in ENRESA
    • 4 February 2021: virtual meeting of the Spanish branch of INLA
    • 28 September 2022: virtual meeting of the Spanish branch of INLA


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