3rd Annual Conference Nuclear Law Assoc. of India

When: March 1, 2014
Where: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi - India
Organizer: Nuclear Law Association of India

The Nuclear Law Association (NLA) is organising its 3rd Annual Meeting with the specific aim to deliberate on public engagement, consultation and acceptance of nuclear energy projects. The meeting further aims to seek a better understanding of the necessary legal framework for a safe nuclear energy program in India. This year’s conference theme is:


Nuclear Energy and Indian Society: Public Engagement, Risk Assessment and Legal Frameworks

Papers are invited from lawyers, academics, social scientists and the student community. A critical and comparative analysis of process, policy and law is encouraged. The papers must be submitted under any of the identified themes.

A special issue of Journal of Risk Research, Taylor and Francis will publish the invited and selected papers.  A total of 5 papers will be selected for publication. Two out of these five papers will also be offered a presentation slot at the third annual meeting of NLA.

Details regarding the conference may be found at the website of the Nuclear Law Association of India:


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