History & Mission

In the early 1970’s, the idea occurred to several specialists and experts of nuclear law, to establish an international association intended to:

  • strengthen relations among lawyers concerned by problems of nuclear law,
  • facilitate exchange of information,
  • promote cooperation.

The Statutes of International Nuclear Law Association, a non-profitable international association under Belgian law, were signed in December 1970 in Brussels where it is still based. The Founding General Assembly took place in Basle in 1972 and the first Congress was held in Karlsruhe in September 1973.

After some 40 years of existence, INLA has about 600 members spread over the world.

Mission of the Association

The Association shall have as objectives the promotion and pursuit, on an international level, of studies and knowledge of legal issues related to the peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy, with a focus on protecting persons, property and the environment; the exchange of information between members of the Association; and scientific co-operation with other organisations having similar objectives.

For this purpose, the Association may, in particular:

  • organise or promote meetings, congresses, debates, lectures, conferences and seminars, and
  • produce or participate in the production of scientific publications.

The Association may undertake all activities relating directly or indirectly to its objectives and may, by any means, provide assistance to, or collaborate with organisations pursuing the same objectives or whose activities contribute to the realisation of these objectives.

International Nuclear Law Association. A 25 years story – anniversary publication

Atproceeding-01tainment of 25 years of existence is an important milestone in the history of any organization. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, INLA’s French Section has issued a commemorative publication, which was organized by Mr. Jean-Léo David and Mr. Charles Brunengo of France. The publication provides a short overview and looks back at INLA’s origins, Nuclear Inter Jura congresses (between 1973 and 1997) and Workings of INLA. Texts are available in English and French. We kindly invite you to take a look and join us on this trip down memory lane.

International Nuclear Law Association – A 25 years story


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