22nd Nuclear Inter Jura Congress – 7-11 November 2016, New Delhi

April 30, 2016

Save the date and mark your calendars for the 22nd Nuclear Inter Jura Congress, which will be held from November 7th to 11th 2016 in New Delhi, India. The registration process has already started! Click ‘more’ to see details!

Second Announcement


The 22nd INLA Congress will take place in New Delhi from Monday 7 to Friday 11 November 2016. The next INLA Congress being organised for the first time in India is a proud moment for the Nuclear Law Association, India (NLA)!

The Second Announcement contains all relevant information in terms of registration fees, the venue, accommodation options, travel packages prepared for participants, and step-wise instructions about your conference VISA, and important dates to keep in mind.

Conference Website & Conference program

The NLA has launched a dedicated 2016 Nuclear Inter Jura Congress website: http://2016inlacongress.in

The conference website will provide you all information regarding the conference program, the accompanying partner program, the venue, accommodation options, travel packages designed for conference participants, participation fees along with “early bird” rates (do register before 30 June!), some information about Delhi, FAQs, and very importantly: clear instructions on the process to follow for your VISA!

You can view the detailed 5-day conference program herehttp://2016inlacongress.in/Conference-Program.php

For all conference related questions (including for hotel bookings / Invitation Letters for Conference VISA purposes) and general ease of coordination email to: info@2016inlacongress.in


We request you to strictly comply with the step-wise instructions regarding your VISA application. All conference participants MUST apply themselves for a CONFERENCE VISA and accompanying partners for a TOURIST VISA.

You will find all this information here: http://2016inlacongress.in/VISA-Information.php and NLA’s dedicated team will help you with the VISA process by preparing Invitation Letters for each one of you applying for a conference VISA.

In case of doubt, you may always contact: info@2016inlacongress.in

We suggest to both the conference participants as well as their accompanying partners to apply for their respective CONFERENCE VISA / TOURIST VISA 3 months before the date of the conference, i.e. 1st August, 2016, onwards, to ensure all applications will be processed in time.

Important dates

Key dates
30 June 2016 End of “Early Bird” rates for all travel packages booked before then
30 June 2016 End of “Early Bird” rates of conference venue, The Imperial
30 June 2016 End of “Early Bird” participation fees
01 August 2016 Suggested period to apply for Conference VISA for conference participants
01 September 2016 Submission of final Written Papers
30 September 2016 End of “negotiated” rates of all other hotels
30 October 2016 End of “regular” participation fee rates

Contact Address – INLA

  • Brigitte Helderweirt – Administrative Secretary of INLA

(32) 2 547 58 41 (32) 2 503 04 40 info@aidn-inla.be

Contact Address NLA, INDIA

  • Els Reynaers Kini – General Secretary

(91) 98218-70055 secretary@nlain.org

Conference Manager

  • Kapil Pant

(+91) 9833836968 kapil@cimglobal.net

  • Pratibha Verma

(+91) 7351301122 pratibha@cimglobal.net

Conference Travel Partner

  • The Lost Columbus

(+91) 9930357772 info@thelostcolumbus.com

Website: www.thelostcolumbus.com

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