Leipzig Conference of the German Branch of INLA

June 12, 2013

The 13th Regional Conference of the German Branch of AIDN/INLA was held in Leipzig June, 5-6 2013. The regional conferences of the German Branch of INLA have always been well attended and this year was no exception. The Conference in Leipzig gathered almost one hundred participants coming altogether from more than 20 countries. The theme of the conference „Nuclear Law in the EU and beyond – nuclear safety, new build and phase-out” emphasized that a certain focus, albeit not exclusive, was put on EU issues.

Issues discussed during the conference covered developments currently going on in international, EU and German nuclear law. The conference was held in English, except for the very last session – devoted to complex questions of German nuclear law – which took place only in German language.

The proceedings of the Conference will be published by Nomos Publishers – a renowned legal publishing house. This is envisaged before the end of this year (already published – click here!).


Below we present the topics, which were covered during Sessions 1-3:


Session 1: Nuclear Safety and Safeguards in the EU

Chair: Michael Micklinghoff

Session Secretary: Julian Rotter

  • Andreas Woitecki, Comments on the planned revision of the EU Nuclear Safety Directive
  • Rasa Ptasekaite, The concept of “continuous improvement of nuclear safety”
  • Wolfgang Kilb, The Euratom Nuclear Safeguards system


Session 2: Nuclear New Build

Chair: Ian Salter

Session Secretary: Łukasz Młynarkiewicz

  • Tomasz Nowacki, Poland: establishing nuclear legislation
  • Martina Palm, Poland and Germany: Issues of transboundary consultation
  • Rüdiger Tscherning, Transportable nuclear power plants – an update on regulatory responses
  • Horst Schneider and Erinç Ercan Status of nuclear new build in Turkey
  • Ian Salter, NPP progress in the UK


Session 3: Nuclear Liability

Chair: Norbert Pelzer

Session Secretary: Sidonie Royer-Maucotel

  • Dirk Harbrücker, Activities of EU Commission in the field of nuclear liability coverage – Some personal remarks
  • Roland Dussart-Desart, What can the victims of a nuclear incident expect from the initiative of the EU Commission?   (no prosentation)
  • Boris Kolesnik, Liability issues in transportation of nuclear materials in absence of global regime of civil liability for nuclear damage
  • Els Reynaers, Towards a SAARC-based nuclear liability regime


Session 4: Nuclear Phase-out, Decommissioning and Waste Management

Chair: Christian Raetzke

Session Secretary: Sidonie Royer-Maucotel

  • Michael Micklinghoff, Phase-out in Germany – History and outlook
  • David Erni, Phase-out and long-term operation legislation in Switzerland
  • Bruno Thomauske, Decommissioning and final repositories in Germany
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