INLA Prize

On the occasion of each biennial Nuclear Inter Jura Congress, organised by the International Nuclear Law Association, its Board of Management will award an INLA Prize to the designated author who has achieved the highest score on a paper dealing with an aspect of nuclear law and submitted in accordance with the INLA Prize Regulations (below).

Created in 2001 on the initiative of the International Nuclear Law Association, the purpose of INLA Prize is:

  • to stimulate and encourage critical study on a subject of nuclear law,
  • to honour and reward an author of a paper of exceptional merit dealing with a subject related to the nuclear law.

Amount of INLA Prize: 2.500 EUR (in words: two thousand five hundred Euro).

Please note that the deadline for the submission of candidatures and abstracts will be 1 April 2018!

English version – 2018 INLA Prize Announcement and Regulations or check them below.

French version – 2018 PRIX AIDN Annonce et Réglement 2018

Past INLA Prize winners

2001 – ex aequo:

Mrs. Florence Dagicour
For: Gérer et être gêné: une perspective internationale sur le stockage définitif des déchets à haute radioactivité et à longue vie

Mr. Santiago Ripol
For: Title to be provided


Mr. Bruno Demeyere
For: The Proliferation of International Nuclear Law’s Actors: Resolution 1540 and the Security Council’s Fight against Weapons of Mass Destruction falling into Terrorists’ hands


Mrs. Tammy de Wright
For: An Analysis of the “Incentive” Concept in the Nuclear Safety Conventions, and its Possible Extension to other sectors, such as the Protection of the Environment


Mr. Jakub Handrlica
For: Harmonisation of Nuclear Liability in the European Union: Challenges, Option and Limits

In: Nuclear Law Bulletin, OECD/NEA, no. 84 (2009/2), pp. 35-64.
Available here


Mr. Miguel Sousa Ferro
For: Nuclear Law at the European Court in the 21st Century


Mr. / Mrs.


  1. Candidates for the INLA Prize must have a law diploma or other academic diploma which includes a “law” component.
  2. Candidates agree that if their paper is awarded the INLA Prize, it may be published by INLA in whatever manner the INLA Board deems proper and appropriate.
  3. Candidates are requested to send their candidature before the time specified by the Secretary General of INLA (in principle, at least six months before the time at which the next scheduled biennial Congress is to take place), to the Secretariat of the Association, Square de Meeûs 29, 1000 Brussels. Candidatures may be sent by ordinary mail or e-mail (, but in any case must include:
    – Their curriculum vitae and their diploma(s) ;
    – The chosen subject of their paper and a working scheme (1/2 a page) ;
    – References from an academic who is familiar with their work (not mandatory).
  4. Candidates will be notified in due time by the INLA Secretary General of the acceptance of their candidature and of the time limit within which their paper must be submitted.

AWARD: A Jury to be appointed by the INLA Board of Management will appraise all papers delivered within the stated time limit and will designate the prize winner.

2018 JURY: Mr. Santiago Ripol, Mr. Norbert Pelzer, Mrs. Vanda Lamm, Mr. Anthony Whetherall (IAEA).

REGULATIONS: The INLA Prize Regulations will be transmitted to the candidates at the time of notification of their candidature’s acceptance.  Prior thereto, these Regulations may be consulted on the INLA website ( (attached).

INLA Prize Regulations

  1. On the occasion of each biennial Nuclear Inter Jura Congress, organised by the International Nuclear Law Association, its Board of Management will award an “INLA Prize” to the designated author of an original paper (not yet published) on a subject of nuclear law.
  2. The Prize is open to any candidate who has obtained a law diploma or any other academic diploma for which “law” is a constituent part. Candidates will be required to provide a detailed curriculum vitae, as well as if possible, at least one reference from an academic.
  3. When submitting their initial candidature within the specified delay, candidates must specify the subject of their proposed paper as well as a scheme of their work. A Jury designated by the Board may request further details of the specified subject or of the candidate’s work scheme and will decide whether to approve or not both the selected subject and the work scheme.
  4. The paper is to be submitted by the candidate to the Secretary General of INLA within three months of his/her being notified of the Committee’s approval. Papers must be at least 10 000 words in length, typewritten in one of the working languages of INLA (English or French).
  5. The paper will be reviewed by the Jury which will be composed of at least two members of the INLA Board and a member of the academic corps. The Jury will designate the INLA Prize winner unless it is not satisfied with the quality of the candidates’ submissions, in which case the Jury may decide not to award the Prize at all. There is no appeal from the Jury’s decision.
  6. The INLA Prize will consist of a sum of money which is currently fixed by the INLA Board of Management at an amount of 2 500 EUR.
  7. A Candidate will only be awarded the INLA Prize if he/she has agreed in advance that the Association may publish the award winning paper in whatever way the Association decides appropriate.


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