International Nuclear Law Association is managed by a Board of Management composed of active members of the Association elected by the General Assembly. The term of each member of the Board of Management is two years, beginning on January 1 of the year following the date of election. Such mandate may be renewed.

Terms of Reference – INLA Board Election

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Minutes of the Board and the General Assembly

Minutes of the Board – meeting of 27 September 2017 – Bonn Minutes of the General Assembly – meeting of 10 November 2016 – New Delhi Minutes of the Board – meeting of 01 March 2016 – Vienna Minutes of the Board – meeting of 28 September 2015 – Nuremberg Minutes of the Board – meeting of 19 October 2014 – Buenos Aires Minutes of the General Assembly – meeting of 23 October 2014 – Buenos Aires Minutes of the Board – meeting of 24 January 2014 – Brussels

Board of Managament 2017-2018

Board of Management - 2017-2018

Composition of the Board of Management (2016-2017)

Jacques Lavoie
United Arab Emirates
Els Reynaers Kini
Immediate Past President
Marc Beyens
1st Vice-President
Mark Herlach
2nd Vice-President
United States


  • Ahab Abdel-Aziz Canada
  • Sara Maciel Sánchez Mexico
  • Ximena Vaquez-Maignan Nuclear Energy Agency - O.E.C.D.
  • Mark Herlach United States
  • Vanda Lamm Hungary
  • Ulrike Feldmann Germany
  • Jyrki Javanainen Finland
  • Marc Leger France
  • Jacques Lavoie United Arab Emirates
  • Abide Gülel Birsen Turkey
  • Rafael Manóvil Argentina
  • Els Reynaers Kini India
  • Marc Beyens Belgium
  • Toyohiro Nomura Japan
  • Santiago Ripol Spain
  • Ian Salter United Kingdom
  • Wolfram Tonhauser International Atomic Energy Agency

Honorary Presidents

  • Stanley Berger
  • Marc Beyens*
  • Ferdinando Carbone
  • Rodney Elk
  • Jean-Léo David
  • Donald Grazebrook
  • Peter Grilc
  • Els Reynaers Kini*
  • Vanda Lamm*
  • Rafael Manóvil*
  • Manning Muntzing
  • Norbert Pelzer
  • Juhani Santaholma
  • Alvin Shuttleworth

(*) The honorary presidents marked with an asterisk are also elected Members of the Board.

Auditors of the Accounts

  • Achim Jansen-Tersteegen
  • Luc Phan Van

Secretary General and Scientific Advisor

Patrick Reyners

Secretariat of INLA

Brigitte Helderweirt
(32) 2 547 58 41 (32) 2 503 04 40
Square de Meeûs 29, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique


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